Lesson Policies


Effective September 1, 2017

Tuition is calculated on a yearly model, billing for 44 out of the 52 weeks in a year.  This amount is then broken into 12 equal payments which are due the first of each month either by cash or personal check.   The current tuition charge is $85.00 per student per month.   This amount remains the same each month including those reduced by holidays, school breaks, or personal vacations.

Students or families taking two or more lessons will be afforded a discount of $5.00 per student per month. The total amount minus discount is due the first of the month.
For example, the family with three children/adults taking lessons would pay $85.00 per student x 3 students =$255.00- $15 discount =$240.00, due in full at the first of the month.  Also, if one single student takes an hour of instruction it would be,  $85.00 x 2 lessons = $170.00 – $10.00 = $160.00 per month due in full at the first of the month.

There are no refunds or credits – If you are unable to attend your scheduled lesson for any reason, including illness, family emergency, inclement weather, or other activities we will be unable to refund or credit the lesson. However, I will try to reschedule the lesson as schedules allow. The yearly calendar and tuition rate has been computed on a 44 week model and therefore has already provided for missed lessons. For students who attend consistently they will find that on a yearly basis they will end up receiving more than 44 lessons.

Vargo Studio tuition rates are VERY competitive with area studio rates and policies and we provide a great value for your money.

The annual calendar incorporating holidays and breaks will follow Loudon County and Lenoir City School calendars.  There will be no lessons on these days.

Labor Day, September 4
Fall Break, October 9-13
Thanksgiving Break, November 22-24
Christmas Break, December 20-January 3
Spring Break, March 12-16
Memorial Day, May 28
Independence Day, July 4
Plus additional time for Vargo vacations, illness, inclement weather, or emergency

IN-SERVICE SCHOOL DAYS will not affect the yearly calendar of lessons; we will be
open for lessons on all in-service days.

INCLEMENT WEATHER   If schools are closed there will be lessons that day as conditions allow.  If you are unsure, please call before coming so that you do not make an unnecessary trip.  Most importantly, please do not risk your safety!

Summer lessons are the months of June and July.  If you choose to drop lessons for the summer we will be unable to hold your lesson day and time slot.  You may still drop lessons for the summer and retain your time slot if you continue to pay the monthly tuition.  Please let us know in advance so that we hold your lesson time.  Rescheduling for fall enrollment begins Aug 24; prepayment for the month of August is required for all new or returning students in order to reserve your preferred lesson time. Students who have continued lessons through the summer have priority to pick their fall lesson time.  No prepayments or reservations will be taken before Aug 24.

We provide an annual Spring Recital each year, usually at the end of April or the beginning of May.  There is absolutely no cost to students or families; providing this recital is our way of saying Thank You for your yearlong commitment and effort!  Each student is allowed to invite as many family and friends as they wish.   All students no matter of age or advancement level are highly encouraged to participate.  It is a proud showcase of the hard work and commitment of students and families.  (And YES, pictures are encouraged!)  It is always so exciting to see a new level of confidence and maturity that performance brings to each student, as well as the inspiration it provides for other students to perform also!

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